Wednesday, May 25, 2011


After what seemed like an endless amount of rainy days off, a beautiful 80 degree day with few fluffy white clouds and a bright blue sky was finally had… I got Lil dressed in her flip flop t-shirt and we headed out. First stop: Cameron’s house, we piled into Miss Manda’s car and took off for the petting zoo. You name it we saw it: cows, ducks, roosters, a donkey, a turkey, bunnies, etc. Next Stop: Willington Pizza.. best place ever and of course we had the cheeseburger pizza. Last stop: back to Miss Manda’s for a little summer time fun… Popsicles, water tables, and a sprinkler (which led to some diapers that were beyond wet). THIS IS WHAT DAYS SHOULD BE FILLED WITH…great friends, good times, and lots of laughs.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Mother's day was spent in Boston with the whole family (Luke, Lilly, MiMi and Grampy). We headed up on a rainy Saturday and spent the night in Cambridge. We went to PF Changs for dinner, and went swimming in the hotel pool. A beautiful skyline of Boston at night was viewed from our rooms. The following morning I had the brilliant idea to walk to our favorite Bakery (on the map it didn't look that far).... so we ventured out on a path along the Charles... and MIT campus, after about 2miles and dads blood sugar taking a dive ... we arrived at FLOUR BAKERY! It was like a slice of heaven. With full bellies had by everyone we found the T and took Lilly on a train ride... make that 3 trains... and we made it to the aquarium. The best part of the aquarium is the ray and shark touch tank. Overall a wonderful time, can't wait to do it again.